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Trucking Companies are going to face tougher scrutiny
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Driver Qualification File Forms
ABC 3rd Party Testing has provided the necessary forms for Driver Qualification File Folders for which is the required forms necessary to verify your driver's qualifications, and requirments of 49 CFR Part 391.51 and the drivers qualification.

Below is a direct link to the forms provided by the FMCSA, however ABC 3rd party testing offers customized safety forms that are designed to fully comply with the DOT requirements. Our forms are custom designed for your company. Once the forms are designed, they can be printed at your location, thus eliminating an outside printing company. Contact ABC 3rd Party Testing for information concerning customized documents.

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1. Drivers application for employment (49 CFR 391.21)
          Listing 10 years of previous employment and signed release of information as well as a signed copy of drivers rights.
2. Request Inquiry  to previous employers (49 CFR 391.23(a) (2) & (c)) Verify 3 years (if a driver has not worked as a commercial driver at some point in these 3 years and worked as a commercial driver within the last 10 years then it should be verified with previous employer, as well check the drivers DAC report)
3. Verification of Driving Record MVR ((49 CFR 391.23(a) (1) & (b)) MVR for new employee verified through state agency for a minimum of 3 years and MVR checked annually (49 CFR 391.25(a) & (c)) for current employees. (must have original signed release of  information for employee)
4. Certification of Violations (49 CFR 391.27) & Annual review of driving record (49 CFR  391.25(b) & (c)) A new employee must sign a release of information to complete these. Each new employee needs to fill out a Certification of any moving violations within the past 12 months and the annual review of driving record verified against the motor vehicle report upon hiring of the commercial driver.
5.  Drivers Road Test (49 CFR 391.31) & Certification of Road Test (49 CFR 391.31(e)(f)(g)) The person who gave the road test shall complete the road test form, scoring the driver in specific areas and complete a certification of road test. The original copy shall be retained in the employing motor carrier’s driver qualification file of the person examined and a copy given to the person who was examined.
6.  Medical Examiners Report and Medical Examiner Physical card
Each commercial driver must have a long form copy of the medical examiners report retained at the motor carriers facility in a confidential file and a copy of the Medical examiners certificate card to be retained in the drivers qualification file.
7.  7 Day Off duty When using a driver for the first time or casually (part-time) a signed statement must be obtained giving the total time on duty (driving and on duty) during the immediate preceding seven days and the time at which the driver was last relieved from duty prior to beginning work.
8.  Multiple Employer Drivers If a motor carrier employs a driver who works for multiple employers (as defined in 49 CFR 390.5) the motor carrier shall comply with all requirements in Part 391, except …..


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Trucking Companies are going to face tougher scrutiny
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